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All about Marshall McLuhan's theories on media as presented in The Gutenberg Galaxy and Understanding Media.

McLuhan has been called "the most important thinker since Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein and Pavlov", and yet "few of the people who explicated his text fully understood what he was trying to say."[1] If understanding media is in fact as important as McLuhan believed, new ways of accessing his insights are needed. This wiki is an attempt to do so.

McLuhan writes that media cannot be studied in a linear way; they must be studied with a more Eastern view of thought, setting out the answer at the beginning and then tracing and retracing the topic to provide insight.[2] This can make it difficult for Western readers of his books (which are necessarily linear) to follow. A wiki such as this follows a nonlinear format. In particular, readers can look up information on topics that McLuhan mentions that are not yet familiar, to learn about them or at least to see when they will be addressed in more detail.


Mechanical media Electric media
Explosion Implosion
Fragmentation and Specialism Integration
Detachment Participation
Viewpoint Total Awareness
Detribalization Retribalization
Center-Margin Decentralization
Cities Global Village


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Understanding media

"Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man," First MIT Press Edition

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